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Torch ™ has creatively developed a way to combine and prioritize mental and physical well-being in one setting. Torch ™ is lighting the way and has revolutionized the most optimal path to complete wellness.

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Choose Torch ™, where we partner with you in life wellness. How do we do that? With focus on overall health wellness, our experienced team work together to go beyond just advising on matters of food and nutrition. We tap into strengths and weaknesses both mentally and physically and offer support to help you learn how they impact your health.

Some people specialize in particular areas, such as sports nutrition, physical appearance, or dieting nutrition, among other disciplines, but we specialize in lighting the fire within YOU to become the best version of yourself with a mental and physical focus.

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Serving Phoenix & Surrounding Areas!

At Torch ™, we are happy to serve all individuals and companies to create a culture of wellness among the entire team. Starting in Mesa and going across Phoenix, there is no limit to locations we serve in Arizona. We’ll help you find motivation and determination to take your life wherever you want. We look forward to serving YOU, learning your wellness needs, and IGNITING YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

Torch ™ Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Achieving Wellness

What We Offer

Torch Wellness and Consulting offers a unique approach to total health and wellness for optimal physical and mental well-being. We know evidence supports that there is a direct correlation between our mental and physical health.  As a result, Torch ™ uses this to provide evidence-based interventions that include mental health services, coaching, personal training, nutrition consultation, and strength & conditioning.


Counseling & Therapy

Torch ™ offers counseling services both in-person and telehealth/virtual that can help you work through a variety of challenges and overcome obstacles that are in your way on your path to wellness. 

Personal Training

Torch ™ offers personal training services both in-person and virtual. Personal training may include one on one and group fitness classes. You deserve your best life, starting with your physical training.  


Diet & Nutritional Guidance

Torch ™ offers nutrition consultation and nutrition plans that help you achieve your short and long term fitness goals with your body’s support. We can help you change your eating habits for good, and with ease. 

Life & Success Coaching

Torch ™ offers life coaching services to help you strategize ways to accomplish and sustain your personal wellness and professional goals. Our professionals are prepared to lead you to a life of confidence and contentment. 

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 Build The Life You Deserve.

Who We Are

Maintaining Health and Safety is our TOP priority.

Our collective normal has been reshaped, your wellness is the priority. Our entire team at TorchWC encourages clients to follow health and safety regulations on-site during this time. To accommodate, we will be:

  • accepting clients through a variety of modalities including virtual, telehealth, and in-person.
  • providing resources to ensure your safety and ours at TorchWC.

We are an inclusive company and it is understood that there are a variety of thoughts, opinions and beliefs during this time. The TorchWC position is SAFETY first.

Torch ™ Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Achieving Wellness

Prioritize your mental and physical well-being in one setting at Torch ™.

 Build The Life You Deserve.

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