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Welcome to Torch Fitness and Wellness

Welcome to Torch Fitness and Wellness!

Fitness and wellness is a team sport. Torch has created a community centered on building relationships, encouragement and support. The mission is to help people of all ages access individualized solutions for optimal results.

The professional coaches at Torch leverage your strengths through intentional relationship building; helping you reach your fitness, nutrition, mental strength and wellness goals. Torch offers one on one personal training, nutrition, life coaching, faith based coaching and holistic wellness services. 

Give us a call today at 480-709-4635 to schedule your free consultation!

Brian LeBlancBrian LeBlanc
03:11 17 Sep 22
I can't say enough about Torch Wellness. The team is glued together so well. They have helped me tremendously through some difficult times. As an added bonus, I'm getting some fantastic 1:1 personal training. I used to go to the gym and go through the motions. Now I have a much better education and mind muscle connection through Torch's customized personal training program. I love this business model so much, we actually setup a corporate wellness program through them. If you are a business owner, ask them about it!
Scott TaylorScott Taylor
22:02 14 Sep 22
I have been on the Torch Workout and Wellness program for 7 months. My personal trainers have been superb at putting together a flexible, expandable exercise and nutrition plan that works for me. They really get to know you and your body to assess your best path to wellness. In the last 7 months I have lost 31 pounds of fat, reduced my visceral abdominal fat significantly, and gained 15 pounds of muscle for an over all 15 pound weight loss. Their InBody Scan assessment tool is the coolest thing. You can see actual tangible, quantifiable results of your efforts. I am a T2 Diabetic and my blood sugar has not been this well controlled in years.This is not a gym. This is a synergistic relationship solution to achieve your wellness goals. I highly recommend Torch to anyone wanting to achieve wellness!
John OliverJohn Oliver
06:23 11 Sep 22
I have been going to Torch for the last 7 months. I have been able to significantly drop my A1C over the last year. I have also lost body fat and gained muscle mass. I feel so much better than I did a year ago and I attribute that to Torch and my great trainer. He has kept me on track with my work outs and helped me to make healthy changes in my life.
Sheryl RichardsonSheryl Richardson
20:28 07 Sep 22
I’m 75 years old and I’ve been training at Torch for almost a year now. I felt a need to improve my wellness and fitness following an extremely difficult two years of the pandemic and the loss of my 12 year old grandson, Charles, to cancer. I’ve made a lot of improvements including endurance, energy, nutrition awareness and mental health. I have received kindness from all the staff at Torch as they treat me like their own grandmother as a member of the Torch family. They keep me motivated and progressing as we work hard and also have fun. Torch is a big part of my life as I age but also stay healthy and strong.
Alan BernardAlan Bernard
18:21 07 Apr 22
The entire staff at Torch Wellness and Consulting is awesome. They are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and really care about their clients. Torch is in the business of transforming people for the better. And do they ever deliver. My 75 year old brother and my fiance both use Torch to improve their physical, spiritual and emotional lives. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Torch Wellness and Consulting!

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At Torch ™, we are happy to serve all individuals and companies to create a culture of wellness among the entire team. Starting in Mesa and going across Phoenix, there is no limit to locations we serve in Arizona. We’ll help you find motivation and determination to take your life wherever you want. We look forward to serving YOU, learning your wellness needs, and IGNITING YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

Torch ™ Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Achieving Wellness

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 Build The Life You Deserve.

Maintaining Health and Safety is our TOP priority.

Our collective normal has been reshaped, your wellness is the priority. Our entire team at Torch Fitness and Wellness encourages clients to follow health and safety regulations on-site during this time. To accommodate, we will be:

  • accepting clients through a variety of modalities including virtual and in-person.
  • providing resources to ensure your safety and ours at Torch Fitness and Wellness.

We are an inclusive company and it is understood that there are a variety of thoughts, opinions and beliefs during this time. The Torch Fitness and Wellness position is SAFETY first.

Torch ™ Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Achieving Wellness

Prioritize your mental and physical well-being in one setting at Torch ™.

 Build The Life You Deserve.

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