Are you looking to make the most of your workout? Sure you stretch and warm up before taking that run, but are you fueling your body with the best pre-workout foods to enhance your time in the gym? Not only is it important to warm up before working out, but you should also be eating foods that will maximize your efforts in the gym. Here are 10 foods nutritional experts say to eat before exercising.

1. Bananas

Packed with carbs and potassium, bananas are a great snack to have before working out. The nutrients in bananas help support nerve and muscle function. Bananas are also known to help reduce stitches when running.

2. Oats

Full of fiber, oats will release carbohydrates gradually giving you lots of energy for your workout. Next time you need a pre-workout meal, reach for quick oats!

3. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is full of simple carbs and is an easy snack to grab on the go. They will give you fuel to power through your workout! 

4. Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables

If you are looking to have a meal before you hit the gym, you can’t beat chicken, rice, and vegetables. Plus, this meal gives you a blend of protein and carbs to give you fuel for your workout and allow you to hit the gym longer and harder. 

5. Protein Smoothie

Protein smoothies are a great pre-workout snack. The truth is that protein will keep you going throughout your workout. Add some good fats and fiber to your pre-workout smoothie and you will ensure that you won’t get hungry during your workout.

6. Plain Greek Yogurt with Berries

Greek yogurt is packed with protein, which is essential for any great workout. The berries are a quick-digesting carb that gives you energy. Therefore, frozen or not, berries work for you during your workout routines.

7. Apples with Almond Butter

The fiber in apples and the fat in the almond butter will curb your hunger before a workout and energize you to get through the workout. 

8. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is packed with whey and casein. Both nutrients are essential for an amazing workout. Casein is a slow-digesting protein that can fuel your workout for hours and whey helps you build muscle. Consider low-fat cottage cheese before your next workout. 

9. Nuts

On the go? Grab a handful of nuts to help get you through your next workout. Nuts provide good fats and protein that are helpful for building muscle and helping you get through your workout.

10. Eggs with Avocado

Eggs and avocado can assist you with your workout. Full of protein and fat, this meal can help you work out longer and more effectively. In addition to that, if you’re only starting your workout routine, this is also a great energy sustainer.

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