Are you or is someone close to you struggling with mental health? Here are ten things to keep in mind about mental illness:

1. It’s More Common Than You Think

Depression alone affects as many as 350 million people worldwide. While you may associate mental illness with severe cases of disability, even world-famous athletes have come out publicly about their mental health struggles.

2. Many People Do Not Seek Treatment

Despite how common illnesses such as depression are, more than half of adults do not seek treatment for their mental illness.

3. It Can Affect Heart Health

While many people see mental illness as something that only affects your mind, it can have devastating consequences for the rest of your body as well. The National Institute of Health has found a link between depression and Coronary Artery Disease. In fact, people with depression are four times as likely to have a heart attack.

4. It Can Affect Your Job

Depression alone is one of the leading causes of disability. Not only does it make it more likely that you’ll miss extra days of work, but it also contributes to problems such as lack of engagement in work duties or difficulty collaborating with coworkers.

5. It Is Affecting the Economy

Due to the volume of mental illnesses that are left untreated, the global economy loses about 1 trillion dollars per year in productivity loss.

6. It Can Affect Your Personal Relationships

Children with parents with mental illness are more likely to develop mental illnesses of their own. Not only does mental illness take a toll on children, but it also makes it more likely that a relationship ends in divorce.

7. It Can Lead to Suicide

More than 90% of people who die by suicide suffer from mental illness. Suicide is the most devastating consequence of untreated mental illness and is the cause of death for over 700,000 people each year.

8. It Is Treatable

After discussing the many ways mental illness can take a toll on you and the people around you, the good news is that it’s treatable. Services such as talk therapy can be very effective for treating mental illness, allowing you to live a long and healthy life.

9. It May Be Preventable

By taking care of yourself and working with your doctor, you may be able to prevent the development of serious mental illnesses. Be sure to take measures to maintain proper physical health and seek help for any mental health issues early on.

10. It Is Becoming Less Stigmatized

Thankfully, many people are starting to see the need to discuss mental health openly, making it easier to find and commit to treatment. Nearly half of all American households have had someone seek mental health treatment this year.

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