Are you documenting your fitness journey?

Improving one’s health through physical fitness is challenging, but the payoffs are so worth it. Increased endurance, improved sleep, the normalization of health stats such as blood pressure and resting heart rate, are all proof that a person’s efforts are making a positive difference.

Still, there are those times when a person knows their going to achieve this week’s weight loss goal, only to find they’ve actually gained weight after stepping on the scale. Even a gain of a pound of two, seemingly unjustified, can be very discouraging. And discouragement can derail a person committed to improving their fitness, probably more so than any other factor.

This is why it’s so important to have an independent resource available in order to accurately measure one’s true fitness progress.

The InBody 570 Composition Analyzer

Wouldn’t it be great to definitively learn those extra two pounds you “gained” are actually an increase in muscle mass? This is why a machine like the InBody 570 can be such a great tool to use when tracking true fitness progress. The InBody 570 test is simple, requiring only that a person stand on the device while holding electrodes in each hand. Within 45 seconds, the machine accurately measures critical data such as

  • Percentage of body fat.
  • Body fat mass.
  • Skeletal muscle mass.
  • Basic metabolic rate.
  • Visceral fat level.
  • Intra and extracellular water levels.
  • Joint injuries.
  • Areas of inflammation, and much more.

With tangible evidence of what is truly going on in your body, you’ll be encouraged, knowing your efforts truly are making a real difference. After taking the test every 2-4 weeks, you and your trainer can review all the InBody results, then tweak both your fitness and nutritional efforts to see even better results after the next test.

The InBody 570 Composition Analyzer is an amazing tool that provides incredibly helpful feedback, keeping you on track to becoming the best you ever. If you’d like to know more about the InBody 570, please contact us!