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Torch ™ Standard WELLNESS Packages


Arizona adults fighting obesity. As Reported by America's Health (TFAH) in 2020.


Adults and children do not getting enough exercise for optimal health.
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We want to help you to reach your potential with Counseling, Life Coaching, Personal Training, and Nutritional guidance. Please review our standard packages and pricing structure below.

Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness classes are designed to provide you with a safe, effective and fun workout! 

Group Body Sculpting Session: Max 6 people per class.


View the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class times below. (Holiday hours may vary.)

Group Fitness Class Schedule - MWF
8:00am - 9:00am
11:15am - 12:15pm
3:30pm - 4:30pm
4:30pm - 5:30pm
5:30pm - 6:30pm


1 on 1 Personal Training

$35 per 30 min session

$70 per 60 min session

Our Personal Trainers create the foundation for your success from day one. Every visit includes a full-body workout, emotional support, education, accountability, awareness and expert individualized fitness instruction and motivation. 

Mental Health Counseling

$105 per hour

Mental health counseling; Psychiatric and psychologist services. Work on altering or permanently changing destructive behaviors to reach your potential in this lifetime.

Personalized Nutrition


Learn how to best work with your body for reaching your goals! The food we eat plays a vital role in how we look and feel. Regular exercise is important but according to research, nutrition has the largest impact

Online Fitness Subscriptions

$49.95 a month & $10 additional to include Macro Nutrition

Subscription Fitness Service To Get You Torched.

Our Virtual Program allows you the comfort of your home but the effectiveness you'd get, had you come to visit our new facility.


FREE weekly workout Meal plan for your first month!

Everyone's Health and Safety is our TOP priority.

Our collective normal has been reshaped, your wellness is the priority. Our entire team at TorchWC encourages clients to follow health and safety regulations on-site during this time. To accommodate, we will be:

  • accepting clients through a variety of modalities including virtual, telehealth, and in-person.
  • providing resources to ensure your safety and ours at TorchWC.

We are an inclusive company and it is understood that there are a variety of thoughts, opinions and beliefs during this time. The TorchWC position is SAFETY first.

10 Foods To Eat Before A Workout

Looking for more information on how to get the most out of your workouts? A workout requires fuel. Get the max benefit with these top 10 pre-workout foods.

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Food and mood: Is there a connection?

Mood and food are sometimes linked. If you’ve ever found yourself in front of the TV after a bad day, digging ice cream out with a spoon.

5 Reasons To Invest In A Personal Trainer

Deciding to invest in one’s physical fitness and wellness is a decision that will have profound, positive effects on every aspect of a person’s life. Being able to enjoy good health means a person will be fully equipped to meet life’s everyday demands, whether those demands are physical, mental, or emotional. This is why investing in a personal trainer is ultimately an investment in one’s overall quality of life for decades to come.


Sleep to solve a problem

Sleep. “We all do it,” says Dr. Robert Stickgold, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. “We solve problems while we’re asleep.”

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Depression and Pain

Depression and Pain are connected. Learn more about interactions among psychological, influences that link pain and depression.

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Documenting Your Fitness Journey

Documenting your fitness journey makes all the difference and we’ll show a glimpse of how we are measuring the results with you in this blog post.

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Large study finds clear association between fitness and mental health

Researchers have reported a clear link between low physical fitness and the risk of experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or both!

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More movement, better memory

Maintain good health, these study results reinforce the neuroprotective value of aerobic exercise and mental health.

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What A Perfect Personal Trainer Is Like

Personal Trainers. Comfort with a personal trainer should feel like a natural process, not to mention uplifting and encouraging. We’ll review some of the key aspects of the perfect personal trainer.

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Mind, mood and mobility

Most mobility tests measure what your body is capable of doing. But your mind is just as important in determining how much you move in your daily life.