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Torch Fitness and Wellness

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Personal Training

Imagine not having to wonder if the exercise you are engaged in is helping you achieve your fitness goals. Torch personal trainers will create a safe, supportive, effective and motivational environment to help you reach peak performance in the most efficient manner possible. At Torch, we work to humanize science, through being compassionate to challenges while being your accountability partner to help you hit your goals. Torch is focused on using movement to help you feel and perform at your best. Exercise not only helps us feel physically better, but mentally better as well. Exercise is responsible for releasing many of the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

InBody Composition

Professional body composition analyzer that delivers accurate, quick, and non-invasive assessments that provide you with insightful and actionable data. The InBody helps Torch take science and make it human. Come check out this state of the art piece of equipment that will help you track your progress every step of the way.

Open Gym

Torch open gym is a guided and supportive gym environment that helps you work toward your fitness goals. With open gym you can receive a walkthrough of the exercises listed on the Torch Workouts Board or you can engage in your own workout. Torch open gym is by appointment only to help keep the number of members in the gym at a manageable, safe number and to help you increase your accountability in showing up to the gym for your workout.


Nutrition is key in physical health, mental health, and life coaching. Without eating a balanced, nutrient dense diet, maintaining progress or making progress in any of the primary domains of life will be very difficult. Torch’s nutrition program is based on willingness and sustainability. The team at Torch will seek to understand your dietary limitations and what you are willing and/or are able to eat to ensure a properly balance diet. At Torch, we work collaboratively with you to discover an approach to nutrition that will be sustainable as a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diets fail because they are not sustainable, lifestyle changes succeed because they are sustainable. Are you ready for a new approach to nutrition that will help you not only achieve, but sustain an optimal and healthy life?

Life Coaching

Do you need tools to identify, access and accelerate progress toward establishing a clear path toward the best version of yourself? Whether it is helping you find motivation, discipline, time management, stress management, accessing control of thought or emotional patterns and directions to set you on the path to achieving your life’s purpose, Torch is willing and able to support your and be your accountability partner in helping you live your best life.

Peak Performance

Are you leader at work? Do you own your own business? Are you operating consistently at peak performance? If not, Torch has solutions for you. With Torch at Work, we learn more about your business and business practices and help you create a plan that will help you and your company perform at its peak. Torch will help you look at how behaviors directly impact the results of your business. Torch focuses on the small behaviors that lead to outcomes. Torch will help you prepare a guide for you and your business that is based on your desired comes. Torch will assist with implementation of training and building corporate wellness that will help you and your employees thrive in a healthy, cooperative and productive work environment. Evidence supports that a healthy team and quality training leads to higher retention rates.”

Ready to Improve Your Fitness and Wellness?

Meet The Team:

Corinna Rosenkilde

Corinna Rosenkilde is the majority owner and the Chief Operating Officer of Torch Fitness & Wellness. Corinna began her career in the healthcare industry in 1998 as a certified professional medical coder specializing in radiology and interventional radiology procedures. She was the Coding Department Supervisor at a billing office for 8 years before starting her own medical billing company in 2006 where she worked as an independent contractor. Along with running her own LLC, Corinna became the Director of Interventional Radiology for a nationwide medical coding company in 2017. She has also been very involved in serving her local chapter as President and Education Officer and has shared her expertise in the field through public speaking.

Over the past several years, Corinna has developed a passion for exercise and nutrition. As a result, she has experienced and studied the impact that our fitness and nutrition have on our brain health and decided to turn that passion into a career by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, Corinna also still maintains her credentials as Certified Professional Coder, Certified Interventional Radiology/Cardiovascular Coder and a Certified Professional Medical Auditor. She obtained her medical coding certification from Central Arizona College and received her personal training certification from ISSA.


Joshua Oliver, CPT, Certified Nutritionist

Joshua is a Certified Personal Trainer, certified nutritionist, and certified fitness coach through ISSA. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Theos bible college and is a certified life coach through The Transformation Academy. He loves to walk with people through their challenges and help produce a resilience that leads them to a greater version of themselves. By providing the awareness and growth in the areas of training, nutrition, and coaching, He believes that people can truly feel empowered to get to where they are wanting to go and take on the challenges they are seeking to conquer.

Kevin Nielsen, MAC, Health/Fitness Coach

Kevin Nielsen is a certified life and health coach and a life-long sports and fitness enthusiast. He has spent the better part of his life training for and competing in organized sports. Kevin has also coached youth sports since 2002.

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and his Master’s degree from the University of South Dakota. He began a career in mental health in 2003 and has worked with clients aged six to 86.

Kevin brings a cognitive and compassionate approach to life and health coaching. The integration of physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health is at the center of his philosophy of wellness