Feeling comfortable and at ease with a personal trainer should feel like a natural process, not to mention uplifting and encouraging. In this article, we’ll review some of the key aspects that separate the perfect personal trainer from all the rest.

Respect of Client’s Schedule

The perfect physical trainer is respectful of a person’s time. It really doesn’t matter whether they’re assisting someone in-person, during a class, or in a virtual session, they’re on time and ready to work when scheduled. On the rare occasion when they have to cancel or reschedule an appointment, they’ll give their clients plenty of notice in advance. Side note: Our personal trainers are happy to wake-up at 4:30AM and meet you at the gym!

They Listen

Interacting with a personal trainer is, well, very personal. It’s a one-on-one relationship that can only be successful if the personal trainer is a good listener. The perfect trainer listens when their client lists their goals, they listen to post-exercise feedback (e.g., sore muscles, too strenuous, not challenging enough, etc.) and they listen to the cues offered by their client when they’re in need of a word of encouragement, or when they’re feeling stressed, so today’s workout needs to be a little less intense.

Fully Knowledgeable

People can only obtain their fitness goals when they work with trainers that have the right education, experience, and knowledge of fitness and personal health. The perfect personal trainer will be very knowledgeable when it comes to human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminology, as well as human motion and motor development.

They Genuinely Love Fitness

The perfect personal trainer is passionate about what they do! They love working with all their various clients, and are truly excited when a client sees that their time and effort is being rewarded through improved health and fitness levels. The perfect personal trainer is also committed to pursuing additional professional fitness training, as they understand their increased expertise can only serve to better help their clients. Another side note: Our team is dedicated to your wellness and passionate about helping you to reach your fitness goals!

Where to Find the Perfect Physical Trainer

If you’re wondering where to find such a personal trainer, they’re right here at Torch! All of our personal trainers are highly-trained, they’re enthusiastic about physical fitness, and they love seeing their clients excel. If you’d like to meet with one of our perfect personal trainers, please contact us. Light the fire inside of you with the resources available at Torch.